Plasma pazhouh Pars Company

Plasma Pazhouh Pars Company’s activity is generally “heat treatment and surface engineering” with a focus on plasma coatings. The company started its activity in 2011 with plasma nitriding services and quickly expanded both in the field of quantitative and qualitative development of plasma nitriding and in other fields of surface engineering (PTA, PEO, PACVD, etc.). Moving in the direction of modern surface engineering technologies has always been the focus of the managers of Plasma Pazhouh Pars Company. a wide range of industrial companies with various fields of work are now regular customers of Plasma Pazhouh Pars Company and the company’s mission is to quantitatively develop current activities. increase the quality of services. and then enter the other fields of surface engineering with R&D activities.

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Board Members

Sfiolah Akbari Aflaki


Academic Field: Material Engineering
Work Experience: 18 Years

Expertise: Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (plasma nitriding)

Alireza Vejahati

Chairman of the Board

Academic Field: Electrical Power Engineering
Work Experience: 20 Years
Expertise: Plasma Power Supplies

Permits and Certificates